What are we eating today? Recipes for babies

What are we eating today? Recipes for babies

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Baby recipes can be quite tasty, no matter how simple the ingredients are. If you do not know what to cook for your little one, we will help you with delicious snacks and recipes depending on the food that the little one loves: apple, chicken, pumpkin, cheese, potatoes, rice or carrot. Do you even wonder if they are suitable for his age? We also give you this information.

Cheese recipes

For a long time, your baby has never stopped on the drugstore from a simple cheese you served. It is the village up to the head and a bit of a nose when you see it. Not if you know how to integrate it into some tasty recipes that will attract it. Cows' cheese is versatile and can be integrated into both main dishes and desserts. The offer is rich, we leave you to decide which is the most suitable for today's meal!

Cow cheese (4-5 months)

Baked cow cheese (4-5 months)

Cows cheese with orange and apple (4-5 months)

Cows cheese with apple and carrot (5-6 months)

Cheese with nectarica, pear and apple (5-6 months)

Cauliflower with cow cheese (6-7 months)

Fruit with biscuits and cheese (6-7 months)

Cheese with nectarine and prunes in the oven (7-8 months)

Cheese with egg (7-8 months)

Mamaliguta with cheese and fruit (8-9 months)

Pasta with cheese and melon (8-9 months)

Fruit cheese roll (9-10 months)

Cream cheese with apple and pumpkin (1 year)

Milk with cheese, banana and pears (9-10 months)

Chicken recipes

The chicken has been feeding the little ones since 5 months. We help you to diversify the recipes that your baby has become saturated with and to surprise him with tastes and tastes.

Chicken pasta with potatoes (5-6 months)

Chicken meat and carrot (6-7 months)

Mashed potatoes with chicken and celery or gooseberries (6-7 months)

Peas with chicken and pumpkin (7-8 months)

Chicken soup (7-8 months)

Chicken with red beet (7-8 months)

Cauliflower with chicken (7-8 months)

Baked chicken (8-9 months)

Chicken with vegetables on the tray (9-10 months)

Chicken breast barbecue (10-12 months)

Baked chicken (1 year)

Apple recipes

Apple is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and your little one will rely on you to find original and tasty ways to integrate it into the menu, because it just got bored. Especially since it is among the first solid foods you taste.

Apple and apricot (4-5 months)

Baked apple with cheese (5-6 months)

Apple and peach in the oven (5-6 months)

Apple with pumpkin pie and biscuits (7-8 months)

Grape apple (9-10 months)

Gray with apple, pear and pumpkin pie (10-12 months)

Apple pudding with gray (1 year)

Carrot recipes

Carrot does not manage to fit into the baby's dietary preferences. But if you find the right recipe, it might become his favorite food. And what the hell is it so nutritious and healthy!

Carrot cream soup (4-5 months)

Carrot cream soup with milk (5-6 months)

Apple puree, carrot and chicken (9-10 months)

Carrot puree with fish and oranges (1 year)

Pumpkin recipes

Even the pumpkin is not the best friend of children's tastes, but it can do wonders in their development. That's why you need to find smart ways to integrate it into recipes.

Pumpkin puree with tassel (4-5 months)

Carrot with carrot (5-6 months)

Baked pumpkin (6-7 months)

Puree with pumpkin and egg yolk (6-7 months)

Carrot with beef (7-8 months)

Cucumber with peppers (7-8 months)

Pumpkin puree with carrot and beef (7-8 months)

Pumpkin and red (7-8 months)

Pumpkin with cream (8-9 months)

Pumpkin pie with cheese (8-9 months)

Spinach with pumpkin (9-10 months)

Carrots with millet and beef (10-12 months)

Potato recipes

Potatoes are very practical foods and can be cooked in many ways for children. In addition, they are recommended in their diet since they begin to eat solid for an indefinite period. If you've run out of ideas, here are some fresh ideas for cooking the ordinary potato, but with a new and unique taste.

Mashed potatoes with beets (5-6 months)

Mashed potatoes and apple (5-6 months)

Baked potato (6-7 months)

Potato puree with cauliflower and pumpkin (6-7 months)

Baked potato with other vegetables (6-7 months)

Potato cream (7-8 months)

Potato with cauliflower and brown rice (7-8 months)

French potatoes (8-9 months)

Mashed potatoes with spinach (8-9 months)

Sweet potato and apricot soufflé (8-9 months)

Potato meal with beef (9-10 months)

Baked potato with pipot (10-12 months)

Recipes with rice

If only rice milk is among your baby rice recipes, then you should take action! You can make banal rice for the little one a real feast with a little imagination and in a few simple steps. Here are some suggestions:

Brown rice with vegetables (7-8 months)

Rice with pumpkin, carrot and bell pepper (7-8 months)

Serbian pilaf with chicken liver (7-8 months)

Meat Pilaf (7-8 months)

Rice with spinach (8-9 months)

Rice with apricot puree (8-9 months)

Rice with peach (7-8 months)

Rice with pumpkin, red and baked peppers (8-9 months)

Brown rice with cheese and ripe apple (9-10 months)

Rice with milk and fruit (10-12 months)

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