The baby's relationship with the pet

The baby's relationship with the pet

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Pets have proven to be extremely beneficial in both physical and mental development and health of children. And in most cases it is about "love at first sight" between the baby and the little animal. There are also situations where you meet a love with nabadai, and the relationship between little and pet does not start with the right. How do you help them build a strong friendship relationship with each other?

It is best to let the child choose the animal he wants. But what do you do if your child is still a baby or newborn and was born into a family that already has a 4-legged member? You need to help the child build a healthy relationship with the animal.

Make them known as they are!

Before you bring the baby home from the maternity ward, give the baby an item of baby clothing to smell. The sense of smell is essential in animals, and getting acquainted with a child's work represents the first step in the friendship between them.

The mother must enter the house without a baby in her arms and meet the baby!

When returning from motherhood, it is vital for the mother to enter the house first, without a baby in her arms, and to meet the baby properly. Especially if we are talking about a puppy or a cat. They will be exalted to see you, and if you pay more attention to the child, they will take an aversion towards him.

How do you strengthen the relationship between the dog and the baby?

  • put someone to hold the puppy well and place the leash while you sit on a chair holding the baby in the lap and placing a hand on the head (shows in the puppy's eyes a sign of protection and safety of being a new person in house and eliminates the risk of the animal jumping into the ears of the child);

  • do not put the baby on the floor (at the level of the puppy) and never keep it above the dog's head, because you encourage him to jump;

  • talks to the puppy in a warm, normal tone, eating and nourishing it;

  • if it does not display aggressive behavior, such as swelling, wheezing, retraction of the ears in the back, lowering the tail then you can allow the child to approach it to smell it (without licking it - licking is a source of germs); if it manifests even the slightest sign of aggression tell it firmly "no" and order them to withdraw from the room;

  • even if the puppy is kind of friendly, it is always good to keep him / her away from the child because their behavior is unpredictable.

The relationship between the cat and the baby, like the one between the mice and the cat?

Yes, say the specialists! They argue that due to the fact that the cat is an unpredictable feline by its nature it is advisable to keep away the newborn from it. It is not recommended to establish any connection between the cat and the babies. Let them interact better from a distance!

Signs to be careful when the baby is near the animals

Sometimes, cats and dogs can become very jealous of the attention you give your baby and may react aggressively. Here are some signs of aggression that you should be careful when you are around them with your little one:

  • bark;

  • growls;

  • his hair is raised on his back;

  • he pulls his ears back;

  • he strokes his tail between his legs or straightens it;

  • if the cat slips near you and the child;

  • they have a withdrawn behavior and refuse to eat etc.

It is important to treat the animal just like a child or any other member of the family. It is advisable to pay close attention to the equal of the two family members, because jealousy can also occur at this level and is more dangerous than rivalry between brothers.

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