Gifts from March 1 and 8 made by children

Gifts from March 1 and 8 made by children

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March 1 and 8, small soul gifts made by children to mothers, grandparents, aunts and other important women in their lives!

Whether it's mom, aunt, educator or grandmother, every woman is celebrated in March. Because she deserves! March 1st sets the tone of the joy of spring, and March 8th is Mother's Day. The children already know this and it is time to prepare together gifts for all the dear women in his life. Help them do it with their handle!

Flower garland

- paper;
- colors;
- scissors;
- glue;
- crayons;
- a cardboard tray.

Cut the center of the paper plate to remain just a circle. This is the basis of the flower garland.

Print the flower pattern and trim as many florets as possible. Put the child's imagination to the contribution and let him color them as he pleases. Have him make the popcorn in as many colors as possible.

Have the child color the watercolors with the base of the garland (the edges of the paper tray) in a spring color (a light green) in which to play with shadows. Then let it dry.

Then glue the florets evenly onto the garland skeleton, one at a time. You can even go over the edges with some flower petals. Combine the colors as you please.

You can drill a hole and hang a thicker marten string. You can make them a bow. Now it is ready to be gifted and hung as a symbolic decoration for the coming of spring.


A gift so cute and personal because it is made from children's prints.

All you need is white or construction paper and watercolors of green and red, yellow or pink.

Paint the baby's sleeve - make a stripe from the cuff of the sleeve and up to the elbow with green watercolors. Let him do this if he is good enough.

Then put the little boy to stick his hand 3 or 4 times so as to form the tulips stalks (each fit on paper).

Then put in plastic plates (big enough) colors of red, purple yellow or whatever colors the child likes.

Put the little boy's palm in them (one at a time) and have it glued to the paper to create the flower, keeping your fingers close except for the small and large fingers.

With his fingerprints he can make leaves and play with glitter dust or he can draw butterflies and other things besides.

Bouquet of lilies of paper

- construction paper;
- plastic straw (for drinking);
- scissors;
- brush;
- scotch;
- a small vase (like a small cylinder).

Draw with a pencil the shape of the child's hand 3-4 times on the construction paper.

Cut the palms together and have the child color them yellow or as he wishes to leave lilies.

Roll each finger outward by pressing hard, so that it loosens very little when you let go. These are the petals.

Cut the head of the straw in 3 or 4 about half (depending on how many lily flowers you have).

Cut a little bit with each palm around the wrist. Not much. Just as much as you can twist with the help of the cut the flower so that it comes side by side, and the flower stays in the cylinder position (to some extent). Stick with a little scotch in this position and where the hole is formed, place in the cut ends of the straw and stick them.

Draw on the construction paper 2 leaves and color them in green. Twist them to the tips as you did with the petals. Put the straw in the vase, then carefully place the leaves on one side and the other so that you stabilize it.

Congratulations with snippets

Teach the child to draw mouthpieces. They are the symbol of spring, the main flower of the season and the holidays of March 1 and 8. Nothing excites a mother, teacher, aunt or grandmother more than a greeting card drawn and made head-to-toe.

So, take white paper, fold it in 2, color it in an open background and then proceed to create the most beautiful paper cups.

Teach him first to draw with the pencil of the rattles, and to draw the stem and the leaves. Then have him color them in green and white.

To be even more spectacular and exciting, help him write with his hand a short message "For mommy", "I love you good", "1 March", "8 March". And to pass his name in a corner.

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