Drinking your baby from day one!

Drinking your baby from day one!

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The delicate skin of the babies needs special care from the first hours of life, and for this Bayer has specially developed Bepanthol Baby Shower Gel.

Because we all like the fine skin of babies, we must not forget that as fine and soft to the touch, so sensitive. Bepanthol Baby is the delicate cleaning and support solution for the skin barrier of the smallest members of our family.

The skin of the child is very thin, representing one fifth of the thickness of the skin of an adult, and the secretion of the sebaceous glands is much reduced, the skin of the baby being covered by a very thin layer of hydrolipid film. This is observed by the rapid drying of the skin and by the low efficiency of the protective function much reduced compared to that of an adult.

The products applied to the skin of the baby will be found in the body in a higher concentration than in an adult. For this reason, the risk of toxicity is higher if the product is not suitable for babies and contains chemicals or alcohol.

The shower gel for your baby

Bepanthol Baby Shower Gel, by means of non-aggressive cleaning agents, is created especially for delicate baths, designed to protect, but also to clean the baby's skin. The shower gel contains physiological lipids to support the skin barrier and dexpanthenol, an ingredient whose ability to strengthen the skin barrier has been proven countless times.

The most important thing for baby skin is that Bepanthol Baby does not contain soap or detergent and can be applied without care both on the body, as well as on the skin of the head and in the sensitive area of ​​the diaper. With the revolutionary hypoallergenic formula, with low foaming, the Bepanthol Baby Shower Gel offers a gentle protection of the sensitive skin of the newborn, but also of the baby up to the age of 4 years.

For delicate baths and soft skin without irritation, Bayer recommends to mothers daily use of the Bepanthol Baby shower gel in the hygiene of the little ones.