How do we prevent breast pain during breastfeeding?

How do we prevent breast pain during breastfeeding?

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Breast pains are always a problem that must be taken seriously. Sometimes, however, they are an effect of homonymous storms and breastfeeding, without worrying. Other times, they may be a symptom of a breastfeeding complication. There are several causes of pregnancy pain and specific solutions to each. Find out how you can improve or prevent them!

What can you do to prevent breast pain?

  • Keep breastfeeding even if you miss breasts. It's better to empty them. Also use the milk pump to empty as much of the breasts as possible, if necessary.

  • Properly sanitize the breasts before and after breastfeeding. Use soap and water for this.

  • Get enough rest and hydrate intensely!

  • You can also reduce and prevent breast pain in breastfeeding if you slightly massage the breasts under the shower (the water should be as hot as you can bear); gently press the breasts to eliminate the surplus of milk that presses the mammary glands, causing swelling of the breasts and thus pain.

  • Put warm water compresses on the breasts several times a day. If necessary, massage the area after you put the compresses.

Common causes of breast pain in breastfeeding

With pregnancy and birth come to the package and hormonal changes that have all sorts of effects in your body. Some of them appear in breastfeeding and are also represented by breast pains. Sometimes they indicate a simple effect of a defective breastfeeding or an abundant lactation, but at other times they can be a symptom of a serious problem.

Here are some causes that may suggest pain and sensitivity of breasts in breastfeeding:

  • mastitis, numbness and other common infections in breastfeeding;

  • incorrect drainage of the breasts;

  • rhagades;

  • blocking galactofer channels;

  • the reflex of emptying the breast;

  • inadequate clothing;

  • incorrect position of the baby in the breast;
  • premenstrual syndrome;

  • pre-existing pathological conditions of pregnancy, etc.

When should you call a doctor?

It is advisable to check with your doctor for any breast pain to rule out serious pathologies and to make sure that your breasts are healthy and the pain comes from hormonal changes or other causes that do not involve disease.

But most often if the pain is not severe and is not accompanied by redness, signs of inflammation or fever, they are an effect of incorrect or heavy breastfeeding, achieved with difficulty.

It is also advisable to go to the doctor if:

  • you have severe pain or burning sensation in the breast, during or after breastfeeding;

  • deep and stinging pain in the breasts;

  • severe pain in the breasts or in the nipples that does not improve after correctly positioning the baby in the breast;

  • if you have cracked nipples, intense itching, burns or an eruption with small blisters with secretion on the breasts.

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