Dana Nalbaru, about her mother's life

Dana Nalbaru, about her mother's life

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What changed in your life when you became a mom?

The whole approach to the priorities of my life has changed. The work schedule has changed, the time I have with myself is much shorter, for long periods - almost non-existent. However, I feel like I can't be happier and more fulfilled.

How was the time to diversify with your little one? Do you have any fun memories of diversification?

I remember that when we started diversification, Sofia started giving as well. Every time she was at the table, in her chair, she wanted a teaspoon to give me, as I gave her. Of course, it was difficult to control their movements, direction and for this reason, the whole time I was full of food on my clothes and on my face. But I never refused it and she had a great time seeing that we share the joy of eating.

You recorded a number of songs for children in partnership with Milupa. What made you get involved in this beautiful project?

When I was little, Sofia asked me to sing her songs on the Music Box, just to hear my voice. So, when I received the proposal from the Milupa I didn't hesitate at all.

Do you usually play Sofia at different times of the day? If yes, when?

I always cant. In the morning, at lunch and in the evening, before bedtime ... we often sing together.

What is Sofia's favorite song? Why?

I don't know what his favorite song is! She never told me and I think she cannot decide on this. Listen to Mozart a lot and dance to his music, but I can't say if he likes it the most.

What is the funniest moment you remember in your mother's life?

Ooo, there are many, many ... children do so many things that we, the adults, are having fun ... I have a hard time choosing a safe time, I'm sorry ...

From your mom experience, what tricks do you recommend to parents to transform their day to day activities into unforgettable moments with their little one?

For me, every moment of the day with Sofia is unique. And when he sleeps, eats, we play ... every time. I do not have to do tricks for the moments spent with my child to be unique and unforgettable.