Since 2007 - allowance of 2 million lei for children under 2 years

Since 2007 - allowance of 2 million lei for children under 2 years

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The government shakes one hand and takes the other. Starting with January 1, 2007, the allowance for children under 2 years old will be 2 million old lei, regardless of whether the parents are employed or not, whether they qualify or not to receive the child-raising allowance.
All children with disabilities under the age of 3 will receive the same allowance. And the allowances for other children will only increase with the level of inflation. The statements belong to the Minister of Labor, Gheorghe Barbu.
He said in a television show that, next year, the mother or father who will qualify to receive the child-raising allowance will receive only 6 million old lei a month, compared to 8 million as they currently receive.

All these measures are meant to encourage birth. Currently, in Romania, 290,000 children are born per year.

(Bogdana Boga)
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November 30, 2006


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