Feeding (weaning) of the bottle baby

Feeding (weaning) of the bottle baby

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The baby bottle is the most expensive and familiar thing for the baby. It is the object of comfort that will come off very hard. After giving up the pacifier (if it occurs until then), the only relief left is the bottle. The moment you try to separate him from him, the fits of anger and the storm of screams appear about to burst. How do you get rid of the bottle?

Maintain a routine in baby nutrition!

Regular meal times and a constant number of meals a day help the child get used to the idea of ​​gradually abandoning the bottle. Put a baby cup with his favorite drink along with the bowl of food at each meal, to encourage him to use it and give up the bottle.

Do not let the child use the bottle as a toy or pacifier!

The child should consider the bottle as an instrument with which to eat. If he sees it as a toy or as an object by which his boredom is alleviated, then his separation from him will be even more difficult.

Give her more attention and affection!

During the transition from bottle to bottle, the child needs more attention and affection. For them, bottle separation means separation from the object of comfort that offered them safety and a change in their life. This can make him angry, which is why you have to be with him.

Show him how to make and use his can!

Young children imitate everything. If you eat something with a fork, they will, if you use the same spoon, and if you see that you drink from a special can for children, you will definitely be eager to try it. Therefore, always put the cup on the table (even if the bottle is) and show him how well he drinks from the cup. Explain to them that when they grow up, the children give up the bottle and go to the can.

Help him quit the bottle in a fun way!

The small child learns best if it is fun in the middle. So, you should try to make him give up the bottle with a smile on his lips. Organize a farewell party for the baby, with music, colorful colors, garlands and everything else the little one likes.

What do moms say, members of the community

Ioanabalescu: we, because I was a little girl, gave it to a doll that was smaller and because the doll was petting pampers, she was convinced that she was feeding on the baby bottle and she needed him to grow big.

Roxy29: and Gabriel went on strike with milk when I took out his bottle; off what further frightened him for 2 weeks; and he remained in spite of the neighbor's motan - that he said he had stolen it; a period he did not drink milk (for a few months I think), then returned to him; in the meantime, however, I eat dairy, so I didn't worry. however you will have to be patient ... muuulta.

Mire83: the child should not be forced. but not to give in to the first scancet; we have the water bottle, that one from the fig ... if he doesn't want it with a mug, I'll try that glass; one evening we were gone to the nose and forgot the milk and bottle; the knight did not sketch much, so he drank milk (Miles) from the cup, that if he really wanted milk ... well, now he would have counted that she was also the girl (5 years) who also served a cup of milk before bed. and have seen it.

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