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Aspermia describes the total absence of sperm fluid. The semen with an unpleasant odor, modified color, too watery or too thick are some of the signs that predict this condition of men.

Fertile men, with a functional reproductive system, constantly produce sperm. Sperm cells are collected in a sac connected to each testis. Sperm is stored in these bags until the man reaches orgasm and ejaculates.

During ejaculation, a large concentration of sperm cells, about 100 million, reaches the prostate through passages connected to the testes. In the prostate gland, sperm is combined with other fluids of the prostate, resulting in a translucent fluid that is released through the penis during ejaculation.

The function of the sperm is to provide male cells to fertilize an egg. The largest variety of cells are found in the semen of the testes. The function of the glandular fluid is to provide an environment conducive to the transport of sperm to the egg.

From birth to childhood, the testicles do not produce sperm. At puberty, sperm cells become active.

Causes of aspermia include obstruction of the canal that transports sperm to the prostate and lack of sperm production in the testes. When the passage that connects the testicle with the prostate is blocked, the testicles continue to produce sperm, but it is no longer combined with glandular fluids and is no longer ejaculated.

Men can be born with these passages blocked or without passages that make the connection between the testicles and the prostate. This passage can be intentionally cut through a procedure called vasectomy to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Certain forms of sperm may be surgically corrected, and vasectomy may be most often reversible. In some men, sperm production never begins or stops after a short period of time.

The result of the sperm is that the sperm does not contain enough cellular material, thus being unable to fertilize an egg. Ejaculation in men suffering from sperm is not cellular, so this material does not provide enough DNA that can be used in medical tests.

Men suffering from sperm are able to reach orgasm and ejaculate, thus being sexually active.

Psychogenic aspermia

Psychogenic aspermia is actually a type of male frigidity. Men suffering from this condition have an erection, which lasts for a long time, but they cannot orgasm or ejaculate.

Men suffering from psychogenic asthma cannot finish a sexual act. But there is an advantage too: these men can satisfy their partners. In the beginning, women are attracted to these men, who can offer them long sex parties.

But then, this becomes a drawback. Prolonged sexual contact can lead to a feeling of discomfort, vaginal irritation, physical exhaustion and frustration caused by the fact that women cannot satisfy their partners.

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