Constipation in infants

Constipation in infants

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Feeding the baby and the mother are the first things to consider when the baby is constipated. But before changing the type of milk we give or what the mother consumes, it is best to clarify whether it is constipation or slow peristalsis. Peristalism is the movement of contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the stomach and intestine that causes food to be pushed along the digestive tract.

When there is constipation

Infants up to four months old who are breast fed have an average of two to four seats per day, varying from one to seven. Those whose diet consists of milk formulas also fall between two and four chairs per day. Their consistency is an element influenced by the type of nutrition, being mostly solid in babies who do not receive food directly from the mother. Regarding infants between four months and one year, as they grow, the consistency of the seats increases, and the frequency decreases, approaching as much as that of the adult.

Frequently, mothers worry about the smallest changes, although sometimes they are normal and are due to aging or the transition from breast feeding to milk formula. We can talk about constipation when the chair is missing for more than three days, it has a high consistency, and the baby makes a lot of effort. In other cases the removal may be daily but incomplete. Also, although sometimes the general condition of the baby is not affected, if it is a longer period when he does not have a chair, abdominal pain and gastric discomfort may occur and the abdomen becomes firm and strong.

What causes constipation

Constipation can be genetic, nutritional or can be caused by insufficient intake of fluids or intestinal dysfunction. Some infants have slower intestinal motility, taken on a genetic basis. This type of constipation manifests especially in infants up to six months and does not cause major problems, as the child usually has a good overall condition. In other situations, constipation is caused by certain factors related to nutrition. For example, there is a possibility that breastfed infants will not receive enough milk. In this case a slowing down of the weight gain will be observed and the baby will cry to be breastfed.

In contrast, in infants who are fed with milk from outside sources it is possible to have constipation if the milk formula does not suit them. In which case its change is required. Also, there is the possibility that the milk has not been prepared properly, in which case the method of preparation must be evaluated. The baby may also be constipated due to dehydration. When temperatures rise or stay longer outdoors, it needs more fluids.

How to alleviate constipation

If the reason for the constipation is due to the insufficient amount of milk the baby receives, we can consult with the pediatrician to fill in the need with powdered milk. Also, we must call the specialist and to choose the correct formula, suitable for the little one. In addition, a specialist may, in some cases, recommend supplementing the diet and other preparations by diversifying the diet.

In order to relieve constipation it is equally important to make sure that the baby is hydrated properly and sufficiently, to have a proper intestinal transit. And for abdominal pain and discomfort, a massage on the abdomen is recommended, performed clockwise.

Also, the baby's digestive system can be helped to develop and function at optimal parameters with the help of natural, gentle products with its evolving organism.

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