Iasi visited by books - BookLand Caravan

Iasi visited by books - BookLand Caravan

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The BookLand caravan is a new and unique concept in Romania. The books of 80 publishers are taken over, displayed and sold in the largest malls in the country, with all the logistical services (caravan route, mall commitments, furniture transport and assembly, book transport and merchandising, sales team, media promotion). . This year in 9 cities, the year in over 30.

So far, the first two stops, Constanta and Braila, have been very well received and have generated sales of over 20,000 euros. The next stop is in Iasi, at the Iulius Mall, from Wednesday, August 31 until Sunday, September 4. There, a team of over 50 employees, locally employed, coordinates and implements the book fair.

"I think that Iasi is the most important cultural center, after Bucharest. I appreciate Moldova and the intelligence of the people there, who have generated prolific Romanian writers. I am convinced that he will receive the BookLand books with open arms. We thank Iulius Mall for the support given and the hosting of the book fair in 3 cities: Iasi, Cluj Napoca and Timisoara"said Mihaela Petrovan, founder of the BookLand Urban Book Fair.

The exhibitors are: Alcor, All, Ametist92, Anteea, your antique dealer, Aquila 93, Aramis Print / Minerva, Arpeggione, Bebedream, Byzantine, Brandbuilders and Beneficia, Brumar, Business Adviser (Apulum 94), Business Tech International, CHBeck, Children's Book , Cartex 2000, Tango / Zada ​​Media Publishing Books, Studium Cartography, Science House, CD Press, Codecs, Mobile Communications (Coresi, Corinth, Dianusa, Didactica Publishing House, Home Publishing, Medical Publishing, Eikon, For You, Range, Genesis, Sunflower, Gramma, Hardcover & Paperback, Hasefer, Herald, House Of Guides, Humanitas, Hyperion, Idea, Intuitext, Leader, Bible League, Letter, Lumen, Mac-Mac, Mast, Matrixrom, Mediamorphosis, Medien Holding, Media Gamma Publishers, Meteor Press, Official Monitor, Nemira, Orpheus 2000, Paideia, Parallel 45, Polirom, Prut, Flacara Publications, Quantax, Rao, Rentrop & Straton, Rosetti International, Saeculum, Salco, Script - Phrases, Smartbox, Smartcapital, Syntagma, Tracusarte, T king, Tritonic, Horizons Editorial Trust, Universe, Virtual Library, Vivaldi.

Strategic partners supporting the message of books: Adama, Avon, Berlin Chemie, HP, Kraft Foods and Romanian International Bank.

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