Let's enjoy the charm of childhood. On a visit to the Buburuza House

Let's enjoy the charm of childhood. On a visit to the Buburuza House

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European Center for Inclusive Development and Social Intervention - CEDIIS - goes to visit the "Buburuza" Family House in Bucharest to support some boys (aged between 4 and 18 years) with food, clothing, personal hygiene products, toys and many smiles.

The action is an extension of the project "June 1 - Let's enjoy the charm of childhood!", Which took place on June 1, 2013. The children from the Gymnasium school no. 1 Cosoba, Giurgiu County will give the little ones less fortunate toys than they do at "Buburuza House".

The action of Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 9:00 am, is part of the "Let's enjoy the charm of childhood" Campaign program, initiated by the European Center for Inclusive Development and Social Intervention - CEDIIS and run from 1 to 30 June 2013.

The first action of the Campaign organized by CEDIIS started with the project "June 1 - Let's enjoy the charm of childhood" and consisted of an inter-school and inter-communal competition, an event dedicated to International Children's Day, with the participation of: Schools gymnasiums no. 1 Cosoba, Schools with grades I - VIII Cartojani, Roata de Jos commune, Cartojani village, "Nicolae Crevedia" secondary schools, Crevedia Mare commune, all three from Jud. Giurgiu.

During the event, the humanitarian component included the promotion and support of three special local social cases, and the educational-humanitarian component included the collection of donations consisting of toys that the children of the participating schools gave for the less fortunate children from a Health Center. placement.

The second action of the Campaign organized by CEDIIS, is the project "To enjoy the charm of childhood - Visiting the Buburuza House", which aims to illuminate the childhood and childhood of the institutionalized children in the Family Type Center for children with disabilities "Casa Buburuza".

Besides the activities of play, recreation and socialization, in the presence of Mrs. Director Luminita Boghean from the secondary school no. 1 Cosoba, Jud. Giurgiu - host of the first action, the children will receive the toys donated by the children of the 3 communes of Giurgiu.

The CEDIIS team, together with its sponsors and partners who donated clothes, food and body hygiene products, will bring a smile to the little institutionalized ones.

Magician Emil Dragan from the Magic Theater, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, offered by Infinity Events and HappySor, will be special guests who will celebrate children's day.

"We do not have to do great things to achieve perfection. We must do great every little thing we undertake! Our mission is focused on individual progress, a challenge to change attitudes, mindsets, policies and practices of exclusion and segregation, "says Mariana Nica, President of CEDIIS.

The Family House "BUBURUZA" is the HOUSE of 13 boys left by parents, between the ages of 4 and 18 years. They are beautiful, playful, eager to receive attention, clean and very respectful. Children suffer from different forms of disability, which differentiates them as reactions, physical structure and behavior.

The staff, limited in number, consisting of nurses, nurses and educators, does everything, regardless of the qualification each has at its base. There are dedicated people born to look after these souls. I face a titanic work that requires strength of character so that it can take care of these children, day by day (to feed them, to wash them, to teach them, to be close to them). And I do it with dedication!

I do not ask for anything, it does not appeal to the mercy of anyone. But they want someone to open the door from time to time and bring smiles to the faces of these children.

The objectives of this action are to celebrate the child and the charm of childhood, to delete the labels of "orphan child" and "child with disabilities", to replace sadness with joy, to raise public opinion by presenting cases from "Buburuza" House, to promote the Center, to encourage and cultivate esteem for self of the small institutionalized and the positive relationship of the children with the other members of the community.

"There is only one way to understand people, not to rush them to judge them, but to live around them, to let them explain themselves, to reveal themselves daily, to paint themselves in them. ... "(CA Healthy - Beune)

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