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Boy's mother: all you need to know about intimate hygiene for boys

Boy's mother: all you need to know about intimate hygiene for boys

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Mothers of boys can have many surprises and anxieties when it comes to the intimate area of ​​their children. If you are about to bring a male representative to the world or you have already become the mother of one, it is very good to be informed in advance, to know what is natural and what not when it comes to the intimate area of ​​your child.

This article helps you in this regard and also gives you advice on the hygiene of the area as well as situations in which you should go to the doctor.

Intimate area for boys: 5 things you need to know

1. Erections can also occur in babies

It can be at least surprising when it first happens in a few weeks of life or a few months, especially if you thought it would happen towards puberty, but you have to know that this is perfectly normal and therefore you have no reason be worried. Be careful, though, when you are without a diaper! At such times he can pee like a craft fountain - on you, on clothes, on the bed, even on the walls.

2. The penis may disappear

Especially for chubby guys, there may be times when you feel like your penis has simply disappeared. It is absolutely normal and just as easy it can reappear. Especially if you lightly press your fingers on both sides.

3. Will play a lot with him ...

Once the penis is discovered by your little boy, the body will have a lot of research and play. This is because the intimate area is very interesting for the little ones.

4. He might measure it with other guys

When you grow up and spend some unattended time, your boy might be curious to measure his penis with other guys. In case you are left with some dissatisfaction, explain that people are different ... in all their aspects.

5. You will have many questions

As you grow older, you will find yourself with all kinds of penis questions, which are more unexpected than most. Talk to him about this topic since he was a kid - to know when it's okay to touch him (only when he's alone and nobody sees him), etc.

How to care for the intimate area of ​​the little one

The care of the penis can pose some problems, especially since it is a subject about which you do not find guidance at all times, and especially that the boy also comes with the problem of decalotation, if and when it should be done.

"Normally, in the first 2 years of life, all boys have physiological phimosis - that is, the foreskin does not detach from the glans (at some even more years). The problem of descaling to the child is still controversial, even among doctors. , if there are no difficulties in eliminating urine (urination), there are no signs of inflammation, then the forced descaling should not be performed. In the case of tight phimosis, which causes discomfort in the urine, decals can be tried with rigorous hygiene - if the parents cannot do this - they will go to a child surgeon, "Dr. Hotaran Crucian, doctor, told us primary pediatrician in Pitesti.

Until the descaling takes place, the washing will be done normally, with mild soap and warm water. After the descaling, however, it will be necessary to wash it carefully inside. When he is older, you can let him do this in the bathroom.

Regarding lotions and creams, it is advisable not to use anything in that area unless recommended by a doctor.

When you get alarmed

If you notice something out of the ordinary in your boy's intimate area, you should go to a doctor. Here are some of the alarming situations:

- If the little one has pain (look first to have something wrapped - a hair or a thread);

- If the penis is inflamed, red or has an irritation;

- If you notice a liquid that looks like pus;

- If the scrotum is swollen (may have a groin hernia).

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