How do you make moving to the new home easier for the child?

How do you make moving to the new home easier for the child?

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Moving to a new home can be a traumatic experience for your child. This step involves removing the child from the normal routine and from a familiar, safe and comfortable environment and space and moving to a new one, which awakens feelings of insecurity and fear. That is why it is extremely important to prepare the child for the move before starting the evacuation of the house and you must take some essential measures to help him adapt more easily!

Talk to him about moving!

Even before you start packing things in the house, it is important to talk to your little one about upcoming events and changes. First of all, you have to assure him that many people are moving and that this is a common thing. In this way, it will be easier for the child to process the information and understand that it is not just him or her that is not a negative event.
Also, make sure that moving does not mean total separation from the old life. He can keep in touch with his friends and relatives. Explain to them the methods at hand that can do this: mail, webcam, letters, visits, etc.

Visit with him the new house!

Take the child to visit the new home before moving. If possible, visit it a few times to allow them time to get used to the new space and get acquainted with it. Be enthusiastic when presenting your home and think about some key areas of your home where you plan to make it a play space, his room, etc., to present them and show their enthusiasm to decorate and furnish them as you wish. and about how you will spend wonderful times with your family.

Visit the surroundings of the new house!

Do not forget that the neighborhood and the neighborhood must be to the liking of the little one in order for him to get used to the idea of ​​moving faster and to look forward to the moment.
Target some objectives in the area that might be of interest to the child: play space, mall, swimming club, kindergarten, painting center, showrooms, children's theaters etc. Wake up their interest for them, presenting them in a form most pleasing to him.

Visit the kindergarten where the little one will go!

The kindergarten is, besides the house, one of the essential locations with which the little one has to get used to. Once you have moved, you will need to return to the normal kindergarten program.
In some cases, children may remain in the same grades if the move takes place in the same city. If this is not possible, it is essential to get used to the new educator and even the new colleagues, going several times before enrolling.

Get him involved in the process of moving!

From collecting and packing things to arranging and decorating the new home, it is important to help him be part of the move and have a say. You do not have to accept all his proposals, but from time to time, you agree with him, especially in his new room. If he wants to have the toys sorted in a certain way, let him do it. Do not reject all the proposals.
Contributing to the move and arrangement of the new home, the little one adapts more easily to the space and helps him to personalize it, to make it more secure, more comfortable or more interesting for him.
The baby needs, first of all, to feel safe, once you move. In this sense, it is very important to first arrange his room, no matter how big the chaos in the rest of the house.

Don't forget the "goodbye" party!

On the last day of living in the old house, organize an intimate party to say goodbye to her. In such a stressed and confused state, any reason for a good party or a good holiday is a good opportunity to cheer the atmosphere.
In addition, a small gathering with loved ones, with good food, cakes and many smiles helps the little boy to realize that leaving should not necessarily be a sad event, but an opportunity to create fun moments and live wonderful experiences.

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