More comfort for you, more milk for baby

More comfort for you, more milk for baby

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As a mother, nothing is more important to you than the proper nutrition of your child, especially in the early years of life, breast milk can be the most expensive food for the little ones.

But the health and comfort of mothers are equally important, and the Philips AVENT Natural breast pump was developed with the help of breastfeeding specialists just to help mothers.

No loss, no back pain

Because when you're relaxed, your baby has more milk. Thus, the Philips AVENT Natural SCF330 / 20 manual breast pump is the only pump that allows you to breastfeed from a relaxed, comfortable position, thus easing your milk flow and eliminating the likelihood of back pain.

Comfortable and delicate stimulation of milk flow

The massage pillow has a new, velvety texture, which gives a warm feeling to the skin. In addition, the soft silicone diaphragm with massage cushions stimulates the reflex of milk flow immediately after starting pumping. The soft massage pillow is designed to fit comfortably for most moms.

Easy to use

Due to its compact design, the breast pump is easily attached and its ergonomic handle makes it very easy to use. It is not bulky, it can be very easily stored and transported, so you can enjoy its benefits wherever you are. It is especially useful immediately after birth, when you have clogged channels.

Easy transition to bottle feeding

The manual breast pump also includes the Natural nipple-shaped nipple that promotes a natural beginning of breast-feeding similar to breastfeeding. In addition, the Philips AVENT Natural SCF330 / 20 can also be used in combination with other Philips AVENT food products, including Classic bottles and milk storage containers. Moreover, cleaning is easy due to a small number of separate components, and all can be washed in the dishwasher.

The Philips AVENT Natural range helps you ensure the baby's transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and offers a variety of products for both mothers and babies, inspired by nature, developed by researchers and long tested.

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