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With HP you create your own inspirational book in the kitchen

With HP you create your own inspirational book in the kitchen

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Did you happen to forget an ingredient in your child's favorite recipe and ruin the entire recipe just because the internet didn't work and you couldn't verify the recipe anymore?

You must know that this is how the history of culinary recipes began in the year 1600, i.e. and even King Richard II of England ordered a cookbook. Have you ever thought that you could be the author of a collection of carefully selected and tested recipes?

Although it may sound complicated to achieve, it is very handy. Imagine a book that seems written especially for you, with all the wonderful recipes that you and your family always enjoy.

Every time you discover a new recipe online or from friends who have aroused your interest, print it and carefully grab it in a bibliography. You can create sections: snacks, desserts, festive meal, pope for the child, as you like. When you are up to ideas, you only have to open the magic collection and choose something good.

Thus, you avoid the huge collections of magazines that keep the dust in the house, you do not spend money on cookbooks with a limited number of recipes more or less to your liking, you do not risk dirty the laptop or tablet with all kinds of ingredients.

You can use one of your HP home printers for printing and so you can permanently enrich your recipe collection. The new HP printer range has low printing costs and so you can print 2 times more pages at the same price with the original HP cartridges.

Due to the quality of the prints, the various functions and the high capacity cartridges you can rediscover the joy of printing right in your own home. You can print directly from your phone, scan recipes from magazines or cookbooks and print them automatically or send them by email.

With HP Ink Advantage 2515 AiO, HP Ink Advantage 3515 eAiO, HP Ink Advantage 3525 eAiO, HP Ink Advantage 5525 eAiO, HP Ink Advantage eAiO 6525, you now have the perfect means to create your kitchen inspiration book.

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