Children's oral health - dangers and solutions

Children's oral health - dangers and solutions

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The adult dental system consists of 32 teeth and masses, including here the mind masks. Decisive dentition, a specialized term that is called so-called "milk teeth" of children, is made up of a total of 20 teeth. Proper oral health and hygiene are important at maturity, but especially in childhood when laying the groundwork for proper oral cavity care that should not be neglected at any time.

Development of the dental system

The first dental set is completely developed around the age of three and is made up of a series of teeth that are provisional. The appearance of teeth begins at about six months, although some of the children can be born with up to two teeth. Starting with the age of six, all teeth that have grown to this point will fall and will be replaced by the permanent dental system.

At about 13-14 years of age, the permanent dentition must be complete, except for the 3 molars, also called "mind masses", which appear different from person to person during the maturity period. In people the mature teeth that have fallen or are affected by various problems do not regenerate, and the proper health and hygiene during the childhood period lay the foundation of a strong and durable dental system.

Common dental problems

Tooth brushing is the basic rule for healthy teeth, but their resistance is given by good condition and proper hygiene for the entire mouth cavity.

Caries represent the destruction of the hard, bony layer, which wraps around the middle of the tooth and is more common in children than in adults. In addition, tartar, a rigid organo-mineral deposit that appears on the outer surface, also has a negative effect on the teeth. In the early phase, before solidification, tartar is called dental plaque, the problem that is among the main factors favoring caries.

Also, in order to avoid losing or altering the tooth, gum health is important. Diseases of this category can cause bleeding, inflammation and withdrawal of the gum, and the teeth will no longer be properly supported and fall.

Health for the entire oral cavity

Children tend to avoid daily oral hygiene rituals and risk developing dental or gingival disorders that will be difficult to deal with later. Even if the deciduous tooth is replaced, its problems may extend to the gums or may return more easily in the future. Therefore, parents must ensure that brushing and other oral hygiene actions are performed strictly.

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