When and how does socialization develop in children?

When and how does socialization develop in children?

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Socialization is essential for the harmonious growth and development of a child. Social development begins to take shape from birth and develops throughout the child's life. From the first interactions with you and the father to the creation of first friends and then to school and work, the child is always surrounded by people who form his social circle, in which, practically, he develops.


When does social development begin in children?

The child begins to interact with the people around him from the moment of birth. Since then it is called that its social development begins. You do not have to reach the age at which to make your first friends in order to be sociable and to know what socialization means.

He will know the social development throughout his life - he will discover new sides, principles, perspectives, etc.

It is important, as a parent, to realize that it is your role and duty to encourage him and encourage him to be sociable from the stage.

How does the socialization of the child develop?

The socialization of the child starts with you, the parents. You and your dad are your baby's first friends, play partners and confidants, even if he can't say or do too much. However, he responds in his own way to requests, requests, appreciations - crying, touching, ganging, moving hands, grabbing things, etc., being his way of socializing.

With your help, the child begins to become acquainted with people and gradually begins to like other people around him. It is still a step taken in its social development.

Around the age of 3, his sociability takes a different shape. Discover the pleasure of interacting, talking and playing with other children, because shortly thereafter, during the preschool, to make their first friends. The little guy needs you to "polish" his social skills and learn what the rules are in this game called "friendship".

From school age, even from kindergarten, the child will gravitate around more and more people, and socialization will experience an explosion. You will discover wonderful things that can be done with other children, how to empathize with their joys and sufferings, how to respond and act in borderline situations, and gradually, learn about and learn the rules of a strong friendship.

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