Cartoons of activities with stickers Angelina Balerina

Cartoons of activities with stickers Angelina Balerina

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NEW! The Media Service Publishing House Zawada launches the series of activity booklets with Angelina Balerina booklets!

Angelina Balerina is an activity book for children between 3 and 6 years old, especially girls interested in dance, especially ballet.

In each issue, children will enjoy educational games, coloring pages, puzzles and stickers for activities inside the magazine. In addition, children will follow the story of Angela Balerina number by number.

Angelina Balerina is the protagonist of the cartoon series with the same name. She is a beautiful, talented and ambitious mouse who dances all the time and wants above all else to become a ballerina.

Fresh graduate of ballet classes at the Dance Academy, Angelina Balerina participates in a competition for the main role of a ballet show. He dreams of becoming a famous ballerina who, after each show she plays, will be acclaimed and will receive wonderful bouquets of flowers.

In the first issue, the children learn how Angelina Balerina goes through great emotions and manages to achieve the long-dreamed role in the ballet show.

Emotions and number 2!

Mr. Soricescu, Angeline's father, opens a store with musical items. Angelina and her friends give a big day show in front of the store. Did that come out?

The number 1 is on sale from February 2 at all newsstands. From March 6, do not miss the number 2!

Zawada Media Service publishes publications for children and adolescents based on cartoon characters they love. Print a wide range of publications, from classic story books to activity books or coloring books and magazines for children up to 14 years old.

Find out more at and take part in the contest: Angelina Balerina invites you to the contest.

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