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Vaccinations recommended during pregnancy In detail

Vaccinations recommended during pregnancy

The vaccine is the safest way to protect yourself from infections with extremely dangerous bacteria and viruses, some even deadly. While many of them are made in childhood, some are recommended during pregnancy to protect you and your child from serious health problems.

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Product label, a must read Comments

Product label, a must read

As a mom it is very important to buy the best products for your children. When it comes to the health of your little ones, compromising is excluded. That's why it's important to know exactly what you put in your shopping cart. There are a lot of foods that look so appetizing that you can hardly resist taking them off the shelf.

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How to care for your baby's ass In detail

How to care for your baby's ass

How to care for your baby's butt The baby's nipple is, without discussion, one of the most important concerns of new mothers. The soft and soft skin of this sensitive region risks being easily irritated by the moisture and heat inside the diaper. Do you know what you need to do to protect it as a book?

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Antricot Lyonnaise Comments

Antricot Lyonnaise

Are you ready to organize a dinner for your friends, but do not know what sophisticated food to prepare? Try a Lyonnaise apricot, which is easy to prepare, fast and has an inviting aroma. Preparation time 45 min Difficulty slightly Ingredients 4 pieces of beetroot 1 half lemon 1 box of black beer 600 g green beans 4 cloves garlic 200 g red thyme salt and pepper 1 dill connection Preparation Pour beer into one deep dish and mix with lemon juice, thyme and a little pepper.

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Hypertension is not caused by excessive coffee consumption Ware

Hypertension is not caused by excessive coffee consumption

A new study says healthy, coffee-loving people can still enjoy it in terms of blood pressure, as caffeine from coffee and other foods can cause blood pressure to rise in the short term. Thus, there were concerns that over time this would lead to increased blood pressure in the long term, but studies on this case have reached other results.

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Support the completion of the Marie Curie project! Short

Support the completion of the Marie Curie project!

Sensiblu and Avene make a humanitarian call for a new donation to the Marie Curie Children's Cardiology Department. Between June and August 2010, Sensiblu runs with Avene and Sensiblu Foundation a new stage in the campaign "Open your heart to children". This summer 10% of the sales of any Avene product purchased from the Sensiblu pharmacies will be used for the complete equipping with the medical equipment of the child cardiothoracic section at the Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest.

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